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Framebuffer issue when building coreboot from git
by Michael Rogers
5 years
need help RE panasonic cf-w7 embedded controller
by Rogelio M. Serrano Jr.
5 years
Re: [coreboot] Baytrail tablet (Winbook TW100).
by Peter Stuge
5 years
Baytrail tablet (Winbook TW100).
by john kieran
5 years
Read the Coreboot version in the .rom binary
by Patrick Agrain
5 years
SeaBIOS, serial output, grub, sgabios does not seem to load
by Kuzmichev Viktor
5 years
Re: [coreboot] SeaBIOS wit USB3.0 hub and USB3.0 devide behind the hub
by May Park
5 years
Phantom bounces and Coreboot list membership disabled – again!
by James Haigh
5 years
Re: [coreboot] Mohon Peak, Memtest86+ does not start
by Martin Roth
5 years
board-status "binary"
by John Lewis
5 years
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