coreboot January 2009
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Problems about booting windows xp
by Wang, Qingpei
11 years, 11 months

Coreboot patches for v2 with SeaBIOS
by Myles Watson
11 years, 12 months

#105: flashrom: add documentation files (ChangeLog etc) that need to be in the release
by coreboot
12 years

5536 GPIO
by Peter Stuge
12 years

Geode LX GPL VSA source and binary
by Marc Jones
12 years

[PATCH] Fix bayou payload execution
by Ulf Jordan
12 years

Bridge Mem Window/Prefetch Window
by Dan Lykowski
12 years

Re: [coreboot] generic cpu detection proposal
by Holger Hesselbarth
12 years

flashrom on intel dg33tl
by Andriy Gapon
12 years

[PATCH] Fix flashrom init for VT8237S
by Rudolf Marek
12 years
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