The board has 2 ROM chips, a 4 MB one and a 2 MB one. Both are connected to the PCH and their contents get treated as one big ROM. The 4 MB one contains the IFD(4 KB), ME(approx 1.4 MB) and beginning of the BIOS region(all remaining space). The 2 MB one contains the rest of the BIOS region. autoport generated the board Kconfig with info about a 6 MB ROM and I just added the definitions to this file. If you have a better suggestion as to what I should do in this case, please tell me and I'll do that instead.

In that case, this is fine. Not your fault that samsung did it that way.

Let's still break this out into 2 separate patches. One patch to add the 6MB ROM and the second to add the mainboard. Let me know if you need help with doing that and I can either do it for you or talk you through it.

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