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configs: add Lenovo G505S sample configuration (use with dGPU patches)

This sample .config could not be merged before the dGPU patches at
CB:58745 (see for more
info). I'm sharing it with you here mostly for the archival purposes.

After you have installed the dGPU patches above, can use this .config
as the base config for your G505S by saving it to ./coreboot/.config -
however, you may want to change some of its' configs! I.e. it specifies


which is compatible with R5-M230 dGPU, but if your G505S has HD-8570M
discrete GPU instead - you will need to change these configs to ",6663".
Or, if your G505S does not have a discrete GPU at all, please disable


and those DGPU configs will be disabled. Also, if you are using a SSD -
may want to change the "CONFIG_HUDSON_SATA_MODE" from "0: NATIVE" to
"2: AHCI". Also I've disabled the Intel WiFi at my .config to save space

If you have any questions/suggestions about this .config, please e-mail.

Signed-off-by: Mike Banon <>
Change-Id: I85f17395afca52ef690f24fcef746d74bb72aab7
A configs/config.lenovo_g505s_use_with_dgpu_patches
1 file changed, 629 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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