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mainboard: Add ASRock H81M-HDS

Tested with GRUB 2.02 as a payload, booting Debian GNU/Linux 9.5 with
kernel 4.9.

This board works quite well under coreboot. A list of what works and
what doesn't can be found in the documentation part of this commit.

The file `data.vbt` matches the VBT in the latest stable version of the
vendor firmware (version 2.20).

Change-Id: I53483bb9fa335e86e85dfc487fef03fce4b85e2a
Signed-off-by: Tristan Corrick <>
A Documentation/mainboard/asrock/
M Documentation/mainboard/
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/Kconfig
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/acpi/ec.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/acpi/platform.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/acpi/superio.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/acpi_tables.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/board_info.txt
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/cmos.default
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/cmos.layout
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/data.vbt
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/devicetree.cb
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/dsdt.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/gpio.h
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/hda_verb.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/mainboard.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/h81m-hds/romstage.c
20 files changed, 1,043 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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