Patch Set 2:

Patch Set 2:

Yeah, the whole IT85xx line seems to be ECs. We have some in
`ec/<possible firmware vendor>/it85*`. Their PnP interface seems
to be independent from the programmable part, though. So maybe
treating the interfaces separately would be feasible in this case.

We can't share the EC firmware interface parts ofc, but we could
share the PnP definitions. Though, if this is going to be another
driver that doesn't make this distinction (and gets firmware
interface parts added later), it should probably reside in `ec/`.

Ok, yes, it seems to make sense to split those parts then.

Oh, I didn't know that there's IT85xx support already.

The EC is mostly independent of the SuperIO configuration as it has it's own address space.
Looks like a good idea to place it in ec/

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