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mb/asrock/q1900m: Add new mainboard

This is a µATX mainboard with a Celeron J1900 and two DDR3 DIMM slots.

- Both DIMM slots
- Serial port to emit spam
- Some USB ports
- Integrated graphics (libgfxinit)
- Realtek GbE
- Both SATA ports
- RAM initialization with MRC binary
- Flashing with flashrom
- SeaBIOS and TianoCore to boot Arch Linux

Not working:
- Something stalls the system for 30 seconds at boot.

- PCIe ports
- Audio
- S3 suspend/resume
- Front USB headers
- PS/2 connectors
- TPM header
- Non-Linux OSes
- Parallel port
- IRQ routing

Change-Id: Id029074e4231db231a68bc92a4210dc052bba1c9
Signed-off-by: Angel Pons <>
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/Kconfig
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/acpi/ec.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/acpi/superio.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/acpi_tables.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/board_info.txt
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/data.vbt
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/devicetree.cb
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/dsdt.asl
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/fadt.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/gpio.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/irqroute.c
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/irqroute.h
A src/mainboard/asrock/q1900m/romstage.c
16 files changed, 567 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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