Patch Set 23:

Patch Set 23:

Most of the comments from CB:32673 also apply to this machine.

I'll address all comments. I already started writing documentation for the boards btw.

Perfect, thanks!

I haven't checked, but maybe they can be made variants of the same board?

I don't think so, these are quite different boards. It's like making X220 and T530 the same baseboard: probably possible, but... I doubt it's the right thing to do :)

I don't know much about Lenovo boards (I have none here), but I know X220 and T530 have PCHs of a different generation, and the EC is a completely different beast. I have seen the same thing with Apple sandy/ivy boards: My 820-2828 has a Cougar Point PCH and a Renesas H8S SMC, whereas the newer 820-3302A has a Panther Point PCH and a TI Stellaris LM4FSXAH5BB SMC.

However, I would believe that there aren't many differences between xx20 and xx30 Thinkpads, and I guess the same applies within the same generation (sandy/ivy) of Apple hardware.

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