@julius, given so many sections do need alignment, do you think we make it default and add an 'UNALIGNED' flag instead?

Hmm... I agree it is a lot, but is it really more than half? There are still a lot of sections that don't need it (e.g. everything below WP_RO, or the individual components under RW_SECTIONs). On the other hand, flipping it around is more safe because people can't just forget to put it there for new boards... so... I don't know. Try it out, see how it looks?

I'm also no longer sure if the syntax is that great, though. For something that affects half the sections in the file, writing out the whole keyword just seems... heavy. I wonder if we should use some other syntax after all, like a %-sign behind the section offset or something? That would be way easier on the eye, I think... although on the other hand it would be harder to understand for people unfamiliar with the syntax.

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