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G505S AtomBIOS ROMs: known good binaries with a script to check their SHA256

This change is a mirror for the known good AMD Lenovo G505S AtomBIOS ROMs from
this repository - https://github.com/g505s-opensource-researcher/g505s-atombios
- with the addition of two ROMs for ASUS AM1I-A and A88XM-E boards that I have.

AtomBIOS ROMs are required to enable the integrated and discrete VGA adapters,
however to add the discrete GPU support you will also need to apply these patches:
https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/33874 - CB:33874 = CB:31448 + CB:31450
G505S dGPU support: scripts for applying the unofficial (not-merged-yet) patches

Save to ./coreboot/ then run ./extract_atombios_roms.sh and ./check... . Could
analyze these ROMs with AtomDis - https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~mhopf/AtomDis/
Three ROMs are suitable for Lenovo G505S with A10-5750M APU installed, and two
as a bonus: for ASUS AM1I-A with Athlon-5370 APU (iGPU HD-8400 / R3-Series)
and for ASUS A88XM-E with A10-6700 APU installed (iGPU HD-8670D).

Here are the SHA256 checksums for these AtomBIOS ROMs:

./pci1002,990b.rom - G505S (A10-5750M APU): for integrated GPU (iGPU) HD-8650G
./pci1002,6663.rom - G505S (A10-5750M APU): for discrete GPU (dGPU) HD-8570M
./pci1002,6665.rom - G505S (A10-5750M APU): for discrete GPU (dGPU) R5-M230
./pci1002,9830.rom - ASUS AM1I-A (Athlon-5370 APU): for iGPU HD-8400 / R3-Series
./pci1002,990c.rom - ASUS A88XM-E (A10-6700 APU): for iGPU HD-8670D

pci1002,990b.rom (for iGPU HD-8650G) has been taken from G505S with R5-M230, and
despite the tiny voltage difference - it's working great for all G505S versions.

Signed-off-by: Mike Banon <mikebdp2@gmail.com>
Change-Id: I717128b279bfaa5164fe6ac7dbfdb64e2984b550
A check_atombios_roms.sh
A extract_atombios_roms.sh
A pci1002,6663.rom.txt
A pci1002,6665.rom.txt
A pci1002,9830.rom.txt
A pci1002,990b.rom.txt
A pci1002,990c.rom.txt
A sha256sums_atombios_correct.txt
8 files changed, 15,719 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

git pull ssh://review.coreboot.org:29418/coreboot refs/changes/86/33886/1

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