Keith, as you also seem to care about image size, could you please test, if this still works on your Intel 440BX boards?

Size reduction for the asus/p2b (P2B-LS) seems also ten to 13 percent:

1. Without LTO:

fallback/romstage 0x80 stage 16412 none
cpu_microcode_blob.bin 0x4100 microcode 83968 none
fallback/ramstage 0x18980 stage 50347 none

2. With LTO:

fallback/romstage 0x80 stage 14212 none
cpu_microcode_blob.bin 0x3880 microcode 83968 none
fallback/ramstage 0x18100 stage 44882 none

Here's my reduction results (in bytes)
Bootblock: -936 (-23.54%)
(effective code size, minus reset vector and build signature)
romstage: -2176 (-13.38%)
ramstage: -5343 (-10.84%)
postcar: -908 (-9.07%)

Now I can't directly make use of space saved in bootblock, but it gives us more room before we have to go to 16KiB bootblock.

I'll now boot test it.

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