Patch Set 6:

Patch Set 6:

You must only store defconfigs in this folder, not a complete config.

When I tried shortening a similar CB:32352 to defconfig with " make savedefconfig ", Jenkins still complained with -1 - but about a missing VGABIOS blob:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'pci1002,990b.rom'

This config requires "pci1002,9830.rom" for a working internal graphics, and I would like to keep it since I meant this config to be used by the end users as a reference.

To be honest I misunderstood the original purpose of ./configs/ directory: Arthur Heymans said "Those configfiles are there to have jenkins buildtest things, not for general use." But is there any good way to share an example config meant for the end users as a part of ./coreboot/ source tree?

No there is not, but Documentation/mainboard is probably the best place if non default options are needed.

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