Patch Set 7:

Patch Set 7:

While building for G505S (15h) I got:

    CC         romstage/southbridge/amd/agesa/hudson/smbus.o
CC romstage/southbridge/amd/agesa/hudson/smbus_spd.o
CC romstage/vendorcode/amd/agesa/common/agesa-entry.o
LINK cbfs/fallback/romstage.debug
OBJCOPY cbfs/fallback/romstage.elf
make: *** No rule to make target '""', needed by 'build/coreboot.pre'. Stop.

But that's maybe because I selected a "Compress postcar with LZ4 (COMPRESS_POSTCAR) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y". Now will try without it

Hmmm, even if I answer N to this question, - still getting this error.

My full config is the latest revision of CB:32352 . After copying it to ./.config , I get these questions, most of which are auto-answered. Hope this is enough info for you to fix this change. I put -1 for now, but will be happy to upgrade it later

Local version string (LOCALVERSION) [] 
Compiler to use
2. LLVM/clang (TESTING ONLY - Not currently working) (COMPILER_LLVM_CLANG)
choice[1-2?]: 1
Allow building with any toolchain (ANY_TOOLCHAIN) [N/y/?] n
Use ccache to speed up (re)compilation (CCACHE) [N/y/?] n
Generate flashmap descriptor parser using flex and bison (FMD_GENPARSER) [N/y/?] n
Generate SCONFIG & BINCFG parser using flex and bison (UTIL_GENPARSER) [N/y/?] n
Use CMOS for configuration values (USE_OPTION_TABLE) [N/y/?] n
Compress ramstage with LZMA (COMPRESS_RAMSTAGE) [Y/n/?] y
Compress postcar with LZ4 (COMPRESS_POSTCAR) [Y/n/?] (NEW) n
Include the coreboot .config file into the ROM image (INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE) [Y/n/?] y
Create a table of timestamps collected during boot (COLLECT_TIMESTAMPS) [Y/n/?] y
Print the timestamp values on the console (TIMESTAMPS_ON_CONSOLE) [Y/n/?] y
Allow use of binary-only repository (USE_BLOBS) [N/y/?] n
Code coverage support (COVERAGE) [N/y/?] n
Undefined behavior sanitizer support (UBSAN) [N/y/?] n
Stage Cache for ACPI S3 resume
> 1. Disabled (NO_STAGE_CACHE)
choice[1-2]: 1
Update existing coreboot.rom image (UPDATE_IMAGE) [N/y/?] n
Add a bootsplash image (BOOTSPLASH_IMAGE) [N/y/?] n

Patch set 7:Code-Review -1

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