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mb/intel/tglrvp: Add initial mainboard code

This is a initial mainboard code aimed to serve as base for
further mainboard check-ins.

This is a copy patch from icelake_rvp as on commit ID:

Below are the changes done over the copy patch:

1. Rename "Icelake" with "Tigerlake".
2. Replace "icelake_rvp" with "tglrvp".
3. Rename "icl" with "tgl".
4. Remove unwanted SPD file, add empty SPD as
5. Replace "soc/intel/icelake" with "soc/intel/tigerlake".
6. Empty romstage_fsp_params.c, to fill it later with
SOC specific config.
7. Empty GPIO configuration, to be filled as per board.
8. Change copyright year to 2019.
9. Add board support namely BOARD_INTEL_TGLRVP_UP3
10. Replace icl_u and icl_y variant with tglrvp variant.
11. Remove basebord gpio.c and rely on variant override.
12. Remove HDA verb table and config support.

Changes to follow on top of this:
1. Add correct memory parameters, add SPDs.
2. Clean up devicetree as per tigerlake SOC.
3. Add GPIO support.
4. Update chromeos.fmd to make 32MB BIOS region.

TEST=Build tigerlake rvp board

Signed-off-by: Ravi Sarawadi <ravishankar.sarawadi@intel.com>
Change-Id: I86ada611de1cf28a1b872eea35cf41c0dc1c57f1
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/Kconfig
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/Kconfig.name
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/Makefile.inc
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/acpi/mainboard.asl
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/board_id.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/board_id.h
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/board_info.txt
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/bootblock.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/chromeos.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/chromeos.fmd
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/dsdt.asl
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/mainboard.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/romstage_fsp_params.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/spd/Makefile.inc
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/spd/empty.spd.hex
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/spd/spd.h
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/spd/spd_util.c
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/baseboard/include/baseboard/ec.h
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/baseboard/include/baseboard/gpio.h
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/baseboard/include/baseboard/variants.h
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/tglrvp_up3/Makefile.inc
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/tglrvp_up3/devicetree.cb
A src/mainboard/intel/tglrvp/variants/tglrvp_up3/gpio.c
23 files changed, 1,212 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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