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SeaBIOS patches: advanced_bootmenu, multiple_floppies, smbios_mptable_768

If you'd like to add many useful floppies to your coreboot (learn more:
), or to use your USB numpad for choosing a SeaBIOS boot entry, or to
bump max MPTABLE and SMBIOS sizes from 600 to 768 - then this change is
for you! It contains three valuable patches together with a Makefile mod
needed to auto-apply these patches to a cloned SeaBIOS before its build.

advanced_bootmenu: up to 35 entries (2 pages if >18), numpad console

[PATCH v2] ramdisk: search for all the available floppies instead of one

Bump max MPTABLE and SMBIOS sizes from 600 to 768

Patch descriptions are available at these links, and here's a copy:

advanced_bootmenu: up to 35 entries (2 pages if >18), numpad support

Add support for up to 35 boot menu entries (2 pages if >18). To solve
the ">10" problem currently experienced by SeaBIOS users (there are no
11, 12, etc. keys on a keyboard - so impossible to choose the last menu
entries if you got >10 entries because of multiple hard drives /
secondary payloads / floppies) - the boot menu has been extended to the
letter keys. NOTE: TPM menu has been moved from T to M letter: it is at
the end of keyboard's 3rd row of letters and "Trusted" is adjective
while "Module" is a noun; alternatively could press '-'.

Also, add support for a numpad. Small USB numpad could be really
convenient for choosing the boot entries at coreboot boards used as
(maybe headless) servers. '/' char on numpad could be used to open the
boot menu or to exit it. If there are >10 boot menu entries - the numpad
console interface will be enabled: press one or two digit keys and then
ENTER to confirm your choice, or remove a digit by pressing the '.Del'
key. Also you could call TPM with '-' key at any moment, or boot with a
single key press of your fullsize keyboard.

[PATCH v2] ramdisk: search for all the available floppies instead of one

All the floppy images available at CBFS will be found and listed in a
boot menu, instead of the first found. Could be highly valuable if you
are participating in a hobby OS development - would like to test
multiple versions of your floppy at the same coreboot image, to reduce
the amount of re-flashes and accelerate the development at bare metal -
or simply you would like to access multiple floppies as a coreboot user.
For example: KolibriOS (nice assembly OS with GUI and apps), FreeDOS,
MichalOS, Snowdrop and memtest (coreboot's memtest version is buggy,
e.g. external USB keyboard isn't working at some laptops; floppy is
much better)

Bump max MPTABLE and SMBIOS sizes from 600 to 768

There are plenty of coreboot platforms whose MPTABLE size is just
slightly larger than the current uneven limit of 600 bytes, which
prevents these important tables from being copied. For example, G505S
has 628 bytes and A88XM-E has 740 bytes. I propose 768 bytes as a new
saner default for MPTABLE size, to replace the current uneven limit of
600. SMBIOS size should be bumped the similar way as well.

Signed-off-by: Mike Banon <>
Change-Id: Idf4efba31091a8678b51c2f6541d440c5cc6d37d
M payloads/external/SeaBIOS/Makefile
A payloads/external/SeaBIOS/advanced_bootmenu.patch
A payloads/external/SeaBIOS/multiple_floppies.patch
A payloads/external/SeaBIOS/smbios_mptable_768.patch
4 files changed, 618 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

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