Patch Set 5:
> > Patch Set 5:
> > Patch Set 1:
> >
> Patrick,
> - Line 561: "_weak" so that it can be if needed for som
> - Line 829: I agree that the entry point should be added as as
specified in SMBIOS 3.0. it would be more disruptive in this CL, as
the change will also need to go in other other files where the
table entry are used.
There's one file making use of struct smbios_entry: src/arch/x86/smbios.c
Of course you would add a second struct for the 64bit entry point and keep the 32bit one.
> I suggest having a later patch and review exclusively for the
table entry update.

|> It's not disruptive. Just a few lines to add in this file. No
need to update the callers.
It is disruptive indeed. For example the new "anchor" field is 5
bytes whereas the current one is 4 bytes. The 5 bytes of "formated
area" , the 5 bytes of "intermediate anchor string" and the 1 byte
of "intermediate checksum" all need to go away in 3.0 and one
"reserve" byte need to come in. Even if it was just about updating
the anchor string alone, changing its size here and not on the
callers side will not work. Furthermore that smbios_entry struct is
defined and used in at least two other different filee, hence my
previous suggestion.

|> Commit message: Line 10: I can't find it on Gerrit.
The hash was requested. Here is the full CL path, it hasn't been
merge yet:

I don't see how chromium patches relate to coreboot.

|> Commit message: Line 13: It does more than that.
Yes, but that was just asummary of what the procedure does. If you
have a better suggestion like Paul, I am happy to add it.

|>src/arch/x86/smbios.c: Line 279: Are you sure that all callers
provide the value in MHz?
They should. Per previous SMBIOS version specs, that speed have
consistently been defined in MHZ. Even if other callers were
mistakenly not providing it in MHz, then the fix most likely in
other files, should be provided in other patches. Please sync up
your comments with Nico's, he wants to reduce the number of changes
in the patch. This cannot be achieved while fixing other stuffs as

If the callers should provide the value in the correct unit the SMBIOS spec defines, you should update all callers instead.

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