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drivers/amd/agesa: Don't save regular boot MTRR to flash

Save the regular boot MTRR's that are restored on the S3 path during
the CPU init in cbmem instead of storing them to the SPI flash.

This was probably done because historically this code run with late
cbmem init (in ramstage).


Change-Id: Ia58e7cd1afb785ba0c379ba75ef6090b56cb9dc6
Signed-off-by: Arthur Heymans <>
M src/commonlib/bsd/include/commonlib/bsd/cbmem_id.h
M src/cpu/amd/agesa/Kconfig
M src/drivers/amd/agesa/oem_s3.c
M src/drivers/amd/agesa/s3_mtrr.c
M src/northbridge/amd/agesa/agesa_helper.h
5 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

git pull ssh:// refs/changes/94/44294/5

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