Patch Set 11:

There's three patches here. The third patch was sent to the seabios mailing list just yesterday - in general it looks fine and I'd be inclined to merge it into seabios.

As discussed in the past on the seabios mailing list, I don't agree with the first two patches. The first patch adds significant complexity to the boot menu system for an extremely rare situation (more than about 30 bootable items). Also, since that patch was originally sent, seabios now natively supports more than 10 bootable items. There was a review and discussion on the second patch on the seabios mailing list, but not all the review comments were addressed.


Third patch has been sent at June 2019 and originally had a problem, 1 day later I sent a fixed version but seems it didn't get noticed. So I resent it yesterday. Thank you for reviewing it, if at least this 3rd patch gets merged - it will give me much more reasons to continue working on 2nd, and also check if some other important patches (made not by me) didn't get reviewed too.

Regarding the 1st patch: indeed, someone got merged a fix for ">10 items" problem a bit later, and while I was happy to see it fixed upstream - even if my original work was re-used without giving a credit - the result seemed to have a less convenient user interface and no numpad support. For these reasons I continue using my own version and now this 1st patch is just a replacing rebase of it on top of SeaBIOS master.

Best regards,
Mike Banon

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