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src/mainboard/sony: Add Sony VPCEH2K1E

Run autoport. It has a Nvidia graphics card and a Nuvoton NPCE795 EC.
It boots fine with the VGA BIOS, EHCI debug is on the front right USB
port, HDMI should work, all PCI devices are found.
EC firmware is shared with the main flash chip, it is a chunk of 128KiB
at the beginning of the BIOS region. The power button works, automatic
fan control is working as well. Keyboard works, brightness keys do NOT
work though! Touchpad works too.


Everything else is untested!

TODO: Use FMAP to put EC firmware in its place

Change-Id: Ibf324f1276611ab06d5906cab87ad538bfad7218
Signed-off-by: Angel Pons <>
A src/mainboard/sony/Kconfig
A src/mainboard/sony/
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/Kconfig
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/acpi/ec.asl
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/acpi/platform.asl
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/acpi/superio.asl
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/acpi/thermal.asl
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/acpi_tables.c
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/board_info.txt
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/devicetree.cb
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/dsdt.asl
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/gpio.c
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/hda_verb.c
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/mainboard.c
A src/mainboard/sony/vpceh2k1e/romstage.c
17 files changed, 1,784 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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